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My Gandfather

When Will He Come Home? Yesterday he was here, and now he is gone.
I sit up in my bed, and pray for long.
I talk to him, still missing him so.
Is he alright? I’ll never know.
Mom says, “You’ll see him again someday.”
But I wonder, just how long will I wait?
I cry at night, it’s a crime to die!
Sometimes, I convince myself it’s a lie.
It feels like the earth has turned upside down.
I’m in the ocean, I’m gonna’ drown!
Drowning, down deep, into my heart.
My once warm one, now ripping apart.
Yesterday he was here, and now he is gone.
And now I ask you, when will he come home?

By Lina
(Dedicated to Francis David, my grandfather.)

Like A Clown

I feel like a clown
thats why I’m so down
this is not any fun
because you weigh a ton.

I do not like you
because you are a piece of poo
so go away and leave me alone
before i kill you with a bone..

By Joe Schmo

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